Vitamin Injections

Vitamin Injections
Vitamin Injections


If you’re feeling rundown, fatigued, or could use a major metabolism boost, there is an easy and simple solution that doesn’t involve pills, surgery, or even a treadmill. Expand your physical and mental limits while giving your body a boost. Our vitamin injections offer long lasting effects, have a 100% absorption rate and take seconds to administer. Give your immune system a boost, restore your body’s equilibrium and feel better in seconds.

Vitamin Injection

Many vitamins and minerals do not absorb well when just taken orally. Injecting the vitamins enables you to obtain more nutrients and allows them to be infused directly into your bloodstream.

These vitamins have many beneficial traits, some are multi-purpose amino acids that act primarily in energy production and fat metabolization while increasing athletic performance. Others are immune boosting, reantioxidizing, reverse skin aging and protect the body from free radicals.

Choose from one of our signature vitamin injections to help you feel energized, lose and maintain weight, reduce your physical signs of aging and improve physical/athletic performance.

Vitamin Injection B12

If you regularly enjoy a beer or drink, as many of us do, your body is likely to be using more vitamin B12. This means you will benefit from taking additional B12 shoots. Doing this is also reported to help speed up hangover recovery. Drinkers rejoice!

Several studies have found that how long B12 remains in your system can depend on many things and underlying factors such as tendencies towards developing certain diseases, as well as your lifestyle choices. These can include diet, drinking, medications, drug use and so forth. We’re all naturally different, so vitamin B12 stays in our bodies for different amounts of time.

These are the vitamin injections we offer: